The Gift of Life Foundation & Sala Sudasiri Sobha 

proudly present a variety of programs for our concert series

Donations towards The Gift of Life Foundation to help fund

therapeutic projects for cancer patients is greatly appreciated.

Wed Feb. 26, 2020

10.00 - 12.30 hrs



Drum & Dance


A group for the "YOUNG at hearts" to gather.

Fun music and art activities.

Lunch is included.

A space to share.

A space to express.

A space to encourage.

A space to meet new friends. 

Sun Mar. 1, 2020

16.00 hrs



Bartosz Dworak
Łukasz Kurzydło


The music of THE V.I.B.E. is based largely on electro-acoustic improvisation. In their work, they refer to directions such as sonorism, spectralism and minimalism.

The concept is based on open musical forms. The non-standard usage of the sounds of violins and percussion instruments gives the listener the "freedom" of interpretation limited only by their own imagination.

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