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Bundle Tickets

 If you are a fan of our place and would like to get a season ticket, we have a package for you. Better price when you buy more! 

  1. Buy a package of 4 tickets for 4,000 THB.

  2. We will send you your unique assigned discount coupon.

  3. Use your unique coupon code to book your seat through our website.


Please note that reception is included in this offer.

Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere after the concert among other guests and artists with good food and drinks.

How it works


  1. Almost 50% discount on VIP tickets

  2. Reception is included

  3. Opportunity to mingle with other music lovers after the concert.

  4. Opportunity to meet with the artists.


Get on the list to buy a package

Sign up to receive the best offer including reception after the concert.

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