Upcoming Events:
Mar 4  & 14 & 18, 2020

All concerts at Sala Sudasiri Sobha (except Sunday concerts) start at 7.30 pm. with a reception at 6.30 pm and some more snack after the concert. Sunday concerts start at 4 pm. All tickets cost 700 baht inclusive of light snack before the concert and reception after the concert. Additional donations to help the needy blood patients with the Gift of Life Foundation or contribution towards "Sala Sudasiri Sobha Fund for Young Thai Talents" for aspiring musicians for their musical endeavour at Sala Sudasiri Sobha are greatly appreciated. The concert series includes a free parking.


If you are coming by public transportation, click on "Contact Us" for more information about the location and reservation. If you are coming by car, please click "Download Map" below to download the map of our parking space (70 cars) and the concert hall. There will be a free shuttle minibus service taking you to and from the hall. It is also advisable to make reservations for our concerts before hand due to the limited seats.

Not only will you have a great opportunity to enjoy great music, our concert series are also a great opportunity to meet new friends and fellow music enthusiasts from all over Bangkok and abroad.  Thanks to our reception provided, you will have the chance to mingle with our artist(s) while enjoying good food as well.


For those who are interested in being members of Sala Sudasiri Sobha for greater priviledges. click on "Membership Packages" for more detail.


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