With our vision to create a musical community where music connects people together and where that connection leads to community work. We believe that music can help others in multiple ways. However, in order to work continuously with this vision in mind, we still need all your support. In 2016, Sala Sudasi Sobha launched Fund for Young Thai Talents as a way for our friends and our music lovers' community to help young Thai musicians. Your support will help us continue our work in giving them space to perform with quality audience and organization.

You can support us by financial donations or any other way you are interested in. Please contact us if you have any new ideas. We welcome any ideas with the love of music in their hearts.

Fund for Young Thai Talents


  • To support young Thai musicians financially.

  • To give young Thai musicians opportunity to perform in a quality concert hall with the best environment possible.

  • To connect young Thai musicians together.

  • To help young Thai musicians create their fan base.

Bank Transfer

  • Siam Commercial Bank:

    • Account Name: Paranee Yontararak

    • Account Number: ​406 636 0701

  • Kasikorn Bank:

    • Account Name: Paranee Yontararak

    • Account Number: 007 133 2209​

  • Bangkok Bank:

    • Account Name: Paranee Yontararak

    • Account Number: 008 024 2639​

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